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Maryland Glee

Maryland Glee is currently an Adult Show Choir Club located in

Anne Arundel County MD


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About Maryland Glee

Maryland Glee is all inclusive! As long as you are over 18, you are welcome to join. No matter your age, or disability we will work with you! We want everyone with a passion for music to be a part of the dream. This show choir isn't like a lot of the other ones in MD. We are non-competitive and our mission is to gather like minded people to share glee through singing and dancing together. The plan is for this club to become a non-profit organization eventually. Please contact us for more information or to attach and send our new member form.

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Dance Class

Calendar of Rehearsal dates & Upcoming Events

Rehearsal: Sunday May 21st @ 5pm. 

Rehearsal: Monday in June 5th @ 6pm

Rehearsal: Tuesday June 20th @ 6pm

Rehearsal: Sunday July 9th @ 6pm




About the Founder

Welcome to Maryland Glee!

We are a growing show choir group for Adults! This is a club for adults who would like to sing and dance for fun! We are all inclusive! Non-competitive. 

We will focus primary on musicals, but I like the idea of playing with popular old radio songs to paint a picture too. We will meet 2x/month to start, but there are no requirements. As adults you know the more you commit and practice the more likely you are to be able to preform. We will practice until we have some numbers together, then we can plan to sing in public for charity. Again, there are no obligations here, if you just want to hang out and sing during practice, great! If you are looking to preform in public, great!

A little about me and why I started this venture: I am a small business owner of 2 small businesses. Maria's Fine Art LLC & CW pies I live in Arnold, MD, but I grew up in Canton, GA. My major at Savannah College of Art and Design was Graphic Design, but I did not go in that direction professionally. I was an operations manager in pet care for about 15 years then began my own businesses. I was a member of the Honor Chorus in GA for 3 years and have worked with an Emmy winner in collage. My father owned the most prestigious sound recording rig in GA when I was in Honor Chorus and although I don't remember much, I do remember some basics on sound recording, haha.


I started this club because I loved show choir....and the show Glee!! (RIP Cory Monteith, Naya Rivera, and Mark Salling.) Also, Ryan Murphy is brilliant for creating such a caring, witty show, full of great music!


There are many choirs in Maryland and theater groups etc...but no real Adult show choirs (not for competition). I want this to be fun and eventually I would love to see this grow into a non profit that can do shows to raise money for charities.

I can't wait to hear all of you! GLEE!

Would your company like to Sponsor Maryland Glee?

We would love to discuss sponsorship with you!

We offer consistent advertising, Logo placement at our shows, flyers at shows, online ads and more.

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